George Arispe

Council Member George Arispe has been a resident of Eldorado for 58 years.  Throughout his career, he has been a community-centered person.

After several years in the oilfield and running a restaurant, George was elected Constable of Schleicher County.  He is a graduate of the Concho Valley Regional Law Enforcement Academy and joined the Schleicher County Sheriff's Department.  During his 23 years of service as a Sheriff's Deputy, he has served for three Sheriffs; working his way up from jailer and dispatcher all the way to Chief Deputy.  He is very proud to have been a part of the progress made by the Sheriff's Department since Sheriff David Doran took the reins.

George has been a member of the Texas Chief Deputies Association since 1999, and has served on the board of directors for the past 11 years.  He served as the association's President from 2010-2011.  George served on the Schleicher County Hospital Board of Trustees for several years, and currently serves on the Eldorado Youth Corps' Board of Directors.

George has been married to Annie Arispe for 35 years.  They have five children, twenty-one grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.